Alto Horizonte was founded in 2006, and originally focused on managing strategic trading alliances between suppliers (sawmills) and the local timber/building industry. In the beginning, our activities were focused on marketing products oriented towards wood export, and also buying and selling raw materials for the domestic market.

Since 2009, the company has formed partnerships with wood processing companies, in order to market our own products. We moved from buying what sawmills wanted to sell us, to running products to our specifications.

In June of 2010, Alto Horizonte leased an operation called "Madegom", a sawmill and wood processing factory, with its own kiln drying facilities, opening more opportunities and a bigger market.

In 2011, we began building our own sawmill, which is still under construction and expected to be in operation by January 2014.

In 2013, "Alto Horizonte Forestry" was founded. A forest management company established by Alto Horizonte to ensure the sustainability of our supply chain and trading relations with other companies. With our extensive experience in managing forests and operating productive plants, we decided to implement our own source of logs. This long-term strategy for the future is a large commitment, but secures a predictable supply.